Thursday, 17 November 2011

Petunia Rascal

 One of Cake-a-doodle Tu's favourite comic books is Petunia Rascal. This cheeky girl loves sweet treats as much as we do so in her and her crew's honour we decided to make some cupcakes P Rascal would be proud of...

Petunia Rascal's creator, Stuart Atholl Gordon kindly drew the characters which we then turned into delicious cake toppers.

For those unfamiliar with the comics here's a rundown of who's who:

Petunia Rascal (left): The mischievous leader of the skate pirates who loves causing trouble.
Jolly Rodney (right): Her right-hand lad. Has a tall barnet. The 'sensible' one. 

 Bill Pukes: The crew's supplies expert. Constantly seasick (even on dry land).

Jenny Greenteeth: Sea hag who has her own line of perfumes. Doesn't like Petunia much.

You can see more pics on our Facebook page.

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