Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hi Cake Fans,

I hope everyone's been keeping it sweet- I know it's been an absolute age since I last blogged (shame on me) but I've been looking forward to sharing this project with you for a while now.....

Last week was my sister's long awaited baby shower and although as I type this I am STILL trying to get all the sugar out of my system, I had such a blast designing and making and baking all the treats and sweets that we happily stuffed our faces with on the day.

From left to right/top to bottom: 
Design doodles for treats, hand made signs, baby themed cookies and hand made chocolate buttons for favours.

The morning of the baby shower was a tad hectic to say the least-the hours seemed to turn into minutes and so with my arms heavy with all the treats I could possibly carry it was a race against time (and the rain) to get there and set up.

Two hours late and practically drowned from the rain we set up as best as we could......

Ta-Da- Our finished Baby Shower tea party =)

Along with a selection of delicious mini sandwiches, quiches, mini pies and bagels we had a range of calorific treats including mini scones with clotted cream and jam of course, pecan pies, fruit tarts raspberry and chocolate brownies, raspberry mille feuille, mini eclairs and mini cupcakes. 
There were perhaps a few too many- but like with everything life's better with options ;) 
Everything was washed down with home-made strawberry lemonade and tea.

The baby shower cake managed to survive getting dragged through a rain/wind storm and on three separate bus journeys- although a little cracked and lop sided in places it made it to the party- what a relief! =)

A big thank you to everyone for coming and making the day super special for my sister it was so touching to see the love and support from all of her amazing friends and family.

More photo's to come on our Facebook page-watch this space!

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