Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Very Casual Cake......

The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival came to an end today and last weekend we were there with the main aim of giving a special cake to famed author, J.K Rowling to celebrate her new novel The Casual Vacancy.

Now we were unsure of what cake to actually make, perhaps cupcakes with small handcrafted models of the book? It had to be something special and easy to transport so after finalising the design we got to work on making the best cake we possibly could.

We caught the coach at Victoria Coach station with minutes to spare (phew!) and were finally on our way to the festival hurrah!! The coach ride was going to be a long one so we managed to catch a few Zzz's while desperately trying to keep the cake intact.
After a derrière numbing 4 hour coach journey on the grand ol' National Express we finally found ourselves in the aforementioned quintessential English town.

With excitement in our hearts and a slightly heavy cake in hand we made our way to the Cheltenham Racecourse where the event was taking place. The racecourse was a beautiful venue, grand and very green....somewhere that we will definitely like to visit again.

To say the event was full to the brim would be an understatement.  There were many other events going on (we even managed to catch a glimpse of the one and only Roger Moore) but the buzz definitely seemed to be focused on J.K Rowling with over 2,200 fans waiting to see her.

Security were strict and we were told that there was a slim chance that we could give J.K Rowling the cake, our hearts sank and having travelled all the way from London there was no way that we were handing over the cake to anyone but the lady herself.

After lots of waiting around with people passing on countless messages to security we were told that we could give our cake to J.K Rowling and that's exactly what we did.

The cake was made to the exact dimensions of the book, it was a vanilla sponge with a white chocolate vanilla buttercream, Coloured white chocolate fondant and hand-cut details.

We really hope J.K Rowling enjoyed the cake, for more photo's visit our Facebook page!!

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