Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween All!!

Gosh, the year has gone by like a bullet train and has now pulled into the most eerie and macabre stop of all... HALLOWEEN!!

Mini chocolate cupcakes with fondant letters and hand-crafted maggots and an oreo crushed crumb.

Although we may be a little too old to go out trick or treating (age ain't nuffin' but a number, really).
But on the plus side of being a (sort of) grown up is that we get to make and bake deliciously spooky goodies and then proceed to stuff our faces with them.

Cast your timid eyes below for a haunting glimpse of our frighteningly good treats. First is our vanilla based biscuits with royal icing detail and white chocolate hand-made skeleton skulls. Second is a bat-shaped version of the biscuits. Next is our fiendishly sweet and zesty lime and chocolate macaroons.

Below are our spider web biscuits 'crawling' with hand-made dark chocolate spiders.

They taste delicious if we don't mind saying so ourselves and they are definitely a treat we wouldn't mind bumping into and munching on in a dark alley.

Whatever you're up to this Halloween we hope you have a frightfully spook-tastic day, for more Halloween treats and photo's please visit our Facebook page!!

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